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How to ensure a 2nd sales meeting with a prospect.

2nd sales meeting, coupleAccording to Forrester Research only 7% of buyers schedule a 2nd meeting with sellers.  So how do you make sure you’re one of them?

Firstly you have to refer back to your first meeting with the prospect company.  Then you should have uncovered their –

1) Main aims and the value of those aims.

2) Action plan and its timescale.

3) Issues which might prevent those aims & plans being achieved.

4) Costs of such issues.

5) Buyer’s names in their decision making unit.  (A 2013 CSO Insights study found that 75% of B2B purchases included at least 3 buyers and that 40% of salespeople fail to identify them.)

If you email your initial contact with these details, and the contact agrees with them, you’re on your way to a second meeting.

In their book The Collaborative Sale by Keith M Eades & Timothy T Sullivan, they suggest using a Collaboration Plan.  Based on the first meeting, the buyers can make changes and additions thereby taking ownership.  The Collaboration Plan can show you –

1) Something of the prospect’s buying process.

2) Revenue predictability.

3) Identification of a closing date.

4) Risk reduction.

 How do you ensure 2nd sales meetings with your prospects?

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