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The Dreaded “No Decision”


Are salespeople able to help buyers count the cost of inaction?

Buyers today are flooded with too much information. As a salesperson you need to act as a filter, clarify the buyer’s thoughts and be a guide to the buyer’s purchasing process.  This can be done by demonstrating a keen insight into the buyer’s world, telling them something new about their business and providing them with a reason to take action.

You also need to educate buyers with new ideas. Buyers are always looking to increase profitable revenue while trying to reduce costs and risk.  If you can show how this can be achieved, trust will ensue.

It’s therefore important to quantify the costs of inaction by a buyer in both time and money. Ultimately, it’s the only way to change the status quo.  Once the buyer doubts their inaction, they’re more likely to change.

A salesperson needs to show the buyer their unique value and what sets them apart. If you can show how change is less costly than doing nothing, a successful sale is much more likely.  A good way for you to convince a buyer is to show how turnarounds have been achieved with other customers, or even in your own company.

You can influence the buyer’s purchasing process via a champion in the buyer’s company. This is valid so long as the champion understands their colleagues’ agendas and motives.  Ultimately salespeople must be clear about defining a buyer’s problem before matching a solution.  You really need to know how the buyer’s company makes money.

If you can discover and address any external factors that might have a negative effect on a buyer’s business, you can create excellent value for senior decision makers in the buyer’s company.

PLCs are answerable to their shareholders. These shareholders will want to know about their company’s business initiatives.  If a salesperson can attach their solution to a particular business initiative, access to board level decision makers is a good deal easier.

Can you help your prospective customer make the right decision?

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