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What to do in a second sales meeting.

iStock sales coachingSo you’ve had your first meeting.  You’ve been invited back to discuss matters in more detail.  How do you conduct a second sales meeting?

You need to check with the prospect what you learned in the first meeting, namely their –

1)      Objectives.

2)      Plans & timescales to reach those objectives.

3)      Issues which may prevent those objectives being reached.

4)      Costs of those issues.

It’s important to bring prepared ideas to this meeting.  These can be in the form of three options.  (According to Mike Schulz and John E Doerr in their book Insight Selling, only 21.5% of prospects felt salespeople gave them new ideas.)  These options will help achieve the objectives detailed in the first meeting.  Ask the prospect if, or how, each option might be helpful in tackling their issues.

In her book Changing the Sales Conversation, Linda Richardson emphasises the need to create a business case.  This should show financial impact by comparing the prospect’s cost with the monetary value of your options.  Buyers measure value by comparing cost with investment.  Quantify the impact of your options when delivering business outcomes.

You also need to find out if the prospect is expecting a more detailed proposal, based on any or all three of your options.  If they do, one way to increase the likelihood that it wins the business is to ask the prospect to review the proposal before the actual presentation date.  Suggest that you can work out any problems, come to a verbal agreement in principle and then submit the proposal.  On this understanding, it’s possible to ask for the business there and then, thereby avoiding the presentation of an official proposal altogether.

What works well for you at a second sales meeting?

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